Artist quality printed colouring book


Let the collection come to you!

  • 30 individual artworks
  • Artist quality cartridge paper for watercolour, paint and marker
  • Looseleaf peel-out sheets for individual colouring (can be framed!)
  • Printed and produced in Victoria, Australia by Black Rainbow Printing - 100% recycled paper and non-toxic inks
  • Matching song selections
  • Link to the full playlist of 130+ cover songs
  • 100% of proceeds go directly to the artists
  • Amazing gift idea
  • Shipping costs are local Australia and extra for international
  • Shipping is 3-10 days in Australia and 10-20 days international - live parcel tracking enabled

Your donation makes a difference

By participating and donating to Inside the Linez, you are supporting artists to continue to bring their art to the world.
We hope you love this art collection and that you feel motivated to give in return.


Buys an artist
new fine liners


Buys an artist a
new canvas


Buys an artist
new brushes


Brings colour
to the canvas